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The music group KDGL RADIO  features the music of Dorian Gray and a variety of vintage hits we all know and love from the worlds of Jazz, Rock, R&B, Motown, and more! The website highlights performances and recent appearances of Dorian Gray the leader of the group. Take a ride back in time to some of those awesome moments in music history while staying current with one of today's Hot New artists straight out of H- Town!

Our Top Shows

  • New CD Release Show
  • Retro Jams & Ballads

The History of KDGL RADIO

KDGL RADIO initially was a play on acronyms using the initials D and G.

Early on just after the 9/11 incident (and seemingly before anyone else did), the word live was added onto the name as with Saturday Night "Live" The thought was, why not "Dorian Gray Live"! It had a ring to it. Later still, the idea of a live band performing vintage radio hits came into play. ShaBamm! There it was - KDGL RADIO featuring the Top 100's along with newly released muisic by Dorian Gray "The Sax Playa".

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Dorian Gray


Houston, Texas, United States

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